Welcome to Craniosacral Costa Rica!

Craniosacral Costa Rica is here to educate, enhance and empower this deep meditative practice of Craniosacral Therapy


Craniosacral is the induction and release of forces of stretching and contracting in the bio energetic body, especially focusing on the cervical spine, C1, and csf ventricles.


The first time I received craniosacral I was 19 years old in Colorado. The experience was very profound to me. I entered into a dreamlike state of awareness of my body and the space around me. The room I was in seemed to fade away, and I felt connected to the forces that drive and push all life to exist. I felt that chi, that Prana, the Bio-, those creative juices that strive for evolution and meaning. The source is the same with different names and is mysterious. We are all able to experience this present moment, if we can take the time to connect to it, with patience and attention.

I like to say we can adjust the aperture of our focus and attention.  We can adjust the aperture to the edges of our physical bodies. We can adjust down to the size of a single bodily organ, or smaller still to a single cell. We can also adjust the aperture of our focus to include things outside our bodies. We can expand our attention to the room we are in, or the neighborhood in which we find ourselves. Extending still outward we can include the planet and all the inhabitants contained, entering and leaving.

The next step is to be aware of transitions. What enters and exits any of the contained systems out to which we adjust our focus. The most obvious and accessible is the air around us, as we breathe, in and out. There is a transition from the outside to inside, and then inside to outside. The same transition can be felt with food and water and any other substance we take into our bodies. The same transitions contain an element of time. However, we can become aware of substances over time that exit and enter our town, our planet, or our blood cells!